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Supposably the world oldest ball run exhibited in the Bode-Museum in Berlin The latest Rolling Ball Constuction Toy designed by Peter Berger. The website got many clips and instructions for the different kits. Holzgestaltung: A constructional ball run made of wood by Prof. Gerd Kaden. shows a ball run event of the Fa. Kaden & Kaden at the EXPO 2000 in Hannover (Germany). A construction toy by Cuboro consisting of equal sized wood cubes with different functions. A picture and more about the history of origins. Also have a look at the appropriate liftsystem called cuboNoster. Rollo Quick - the classic Swiss ball run with the unique connecting system for long and stable constructions...
Rolling Ball The construction toy Rolling Ball came on the market twenty years ago. The system got applied for a patent. Today the system is not available any longer but still there are lots of collectors. Click on "Marble Games" for amazing woodworking plans! The Rolling Ball System in Japan called spacewarp. The video (2,8 MB) shows the construction and the electric lift system.
Rallina 1530 is a beautifully made Ball Run Toy of the Fa. Selecta Spielzeug The mabro - ball run, a construction toy by mabro with cubes, tracks, switchs, crossings, etc. A construction toy made by mabro consisting of plastic tubes and aluminium tubes. It's a plagiarism of the above shown Rolling Ball System. Klimba, the sounding ball run designed by Christian Renggli A construction ball run designed by Wilfried Braun
A picture of the Magnetic Ball Run Toy designed by Lutz Eichelkraut and Helen Kuchen and manufactured by Zig Zag GmbH (Rainstr. 2, CH-8103 Unterengstringen, Tel. 0041 1 750 33 30). Xyloba is the marble run that creates music. Chaos is the most decorated construction toy in the industry, winning the Oppenheim Platinum Award many times since its introduction in 1997. shows the fascinating toy SUPERPLEXUS. Also you can see, what it needs to get an idea made! Michael McGinnis made the first sketch and prototype (Equilibre Hable) in 11th grade (1979-ish).
This special toy works as a form of perpetual motion. It's not yet known, where the toy originally comes from. The pictures are taken by Rob Philips. Symmetry under transformation - a device by Michael Sommer Click on Specials for more information about a transportable giant ball run from the Spielbus. It consists of paths of 42 m total length and is to rent. The Marvellous Marble Drop - an online game. Manipulating the beams with the scrollbars you have to make the marble cross the finish line in exactly ten seconds. Bartl: Click on Spielideen and look for the toy called "Kullerbecher". Putting a ball in the upper bowl, you cause a chain reaction. George Rhoads many works: Kinetic sculptures, rolling ball machines, toys, gum ball machines, wind pieces, clocks... Czech Marionettes is the largest online exhibition of original marionette creations and antique marionettes from the Czech.




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