The Coal Car Der Kohlenwagen
The toy works as a form of perpetual motion.

It has a small type coal car or trolley with tabbed penny toy wheels. As per David Pressland "Penny Toys" book the tabbed wheels indicate pre-1905.

The car sits on a small track at a 45 degree incline.

On the top of the track is a trough which holds 10 ball bearings. A string is attached to the end of the car that goes to the top of the track and loops over a pulley. On the other end of the string is a lead counter weight.

The lead weight pulls the car up the track to the trough where it hits a toggle that drops one or more of the ball bearings in the little car.
When the car hits the bottom of the track a wire loop lifts the top portion of the car, dumping the bearing into a tray.
The weight of the bearings forces the car to descend to the bottom.
When the bearing is released the counter weight pulls the little car back up the track to the trough again and starts the cycle over.
For more information about this system look at antike Bergbahn.