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       A Singapore based site with fascinating moving paper model and automata kits that can be downloaded and build. Future models by CeraCera will focus more on Asian and Oriental design to show the lifestyle, history and culture of Asia through our paper automata models. From a paddling swan to the masterpiece of Frank Lloyd Wright,
various works aiming to be produced as kits and all made of paper. Beautiful made sculptures by the Japanese artist
Keisuke Saka. The website shows animated pictures. The artist Walter Ruffler shows funny automata made of card and paper. The blog "Paperforest" by Jaime Zollars is a source of information about (flat) paper mechanics and automata. "The smallest paper ball run of the world" and some other very special paperworks Paper automata and mechanical cards by Sandrine Sheon Paper automata (including Bush and Berlusconi) and models by Giuseppe (Pino) Civitarese
The website by Andy Voda: Paper toys, flipbooks, papermovies and paper automatons by Peter Markey, Keisuke Saka and Paper Pino a new website selling paper automata by Rob Ives, Walter Ruffler and Keisuke Saka Automata made of card and paper Tim Bullock designs and sells a range of card automata. Many vintage flat paper mechanics can be found and printed free at Barnacle Press (USA) B5+10 sells paper automata and mechanics. Click on Paper Crafts. "Fun-loving" 3D animated bear paper models with an attitude. Cardboard paper automata kits you can cut out and make.




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