AION - World's largest Rolling Ball Clock
Aion, the Rolling Ball Clock has been officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest of its kind. The pictures and the video give an impression of the giant structure and its making of.

1. Floor: The quarter hour ball run

The large clock in the center of the Bucherer store

2. Floor: The clockwork

2. Floor: The clockwork and the blue quarter hour pendulum

3. Floor: The anchorwheel, the minute ring and the minute ball runs

3. Floor: The ejector of the minute balls

3. Floor: Side view

4. Floor: The "waterfall of seconds" with the 16 helices

3. Floor: The ends of the helices and minute ball runs

4. Floor: 15 switches distribute the second balls to the helices

4. Floor: The two screw lifts

3. Floor: The bearings of the screw lifts

4. Floor: The outlet of the second balls

3. Floor: Hanns-Martin Wagner and Stefan Grünenfelder in front of the screwlifts
3. Floor: The motor block casing
The following pics illustrate the progress of work and planning.

Mark Bischof in Lucerne with the first drawings of AION in summer 2006

3. Floor: Assembling the drive unit of the anchorwheel

2. Floor: Open drive unit for one of the gears

1. Floor: The wiring in the control unit (SPC)

The drip cups for the second balls at the end of the helices

The square profiles supporting the 4 meter minute ring

Toolmaking for hard soldering

Turning points for the switch system

The helices and the minute ball runs (Mark Bischof and Jonas à Wengen in the background)

Lorenz Grimmer, Jonas à Wengen and Roman Hutter

Flanges for the gears

The pendulum bob made by Fa. Muff AG

Roman Hutter, Sculptor

Jonas à Wengen polishing the screw lifts

Planning: Hanns-Martin Wagner and Martin Märki

Flange rings for the ball runs

Toolmaking for the helices; Lorenz Grimmer welding and Roman Hutter turning

Base plates for the quarter hour ball run

Hard soldering, fettling, polishing...

The test unit for the quarter hour ball run

The water-blasted aluminium gears

Fitting and gluing

Laser cutted chrome steel sheets

TIG welding the casings

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